Coffee in the morning


Shirt: Essential Long Tank @ Signature Event
Pants; ExalteD- Sweatpants @ Equal10
Slides: Hxnor- Ange Slides @ Man Cave
Watch:Fli-Fucci Tiger @ Signature Event
Hair: Lock&Tuft- Arthas @ Hair Fair
Hairbase: Volkstone-Miles @ Equal10
Facial Hair: Volkstone-Miles @ Equal10

Pose: Reynard (include mug with fatpack purchase) @ Limited8

Bad Unicorn: Everybody Eats @ Kustom9
Cabinet (B1)
Cabinet (C1)
Cabinet ( D2)
Hood Vent
Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Waffle Iron (Fatpack Only)

Dust Bunny: Breakfast
Bowl of Cereal
Breakfast plate
Breakfast Skillet
Cinnamon Roll Skillet
Egg Soldiers
Muffin Tin
Sunday Newspaper
Toast Basket

Second Space: Kitchen Collection Gacha
Drying Rack
Wall Rack Rare

Second Space: Small Appliance Gacha
Crock Pot Black

Second Spaces: Well-stocked Pantry

Pewpew: Waffle plate


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