Ice cream is cheaper than therapy


Hat:2byte-Monster Cap
Shorts:Hxnor-White Strapped Up Fleece Shorts
Shoes:Vale Koer-Retro Dunks
Socks:Fakeicon-Basal Socks
Towel:Blankline-Afterbath Necktie
Watch:Vale Koer-Workout Watch
8f8-Ice Cream

Bad Unicorn Hoops Gacha Items
Orange Basketball
Cage Court Rare
Flat Basketball
No Ball Games Sign
Broken Sk8
No Sk8 Sign

Sleepy Eddy Gacha Items
Cell Phone+Leather Case
Hoodie Clutter Gray Rare

Flite:Tote Bag Black

N4RS-Water Bottle

[L] Chpsters Sour Cream

RC-Weezeno Inhaler

Sorgo:Lucky Keys
Sorgo:X&X Candy Rare


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