LOTD 374


Shirt:Kalback-Basic T-Shirt @TMD
Pants:Hoorenbeek-Cargo Pants Tucked Sand
Boots:Represent-Tactical Field Boots Fatpack @TMD
Belt:Epia-Army Belt
Necklace:Minimal-Adventure Necklace (SwagBag Item)
Goggles:ClaVv.-Explore Goggles (SwagBag Item)
Backpack:Caligulah-Himalaya Backpack
Binoculars:Benjaminz-Hunter’s Binoculars Black
Ring:Mandala-Sinra Rings @C88
Bracelet:Aitui-Rocker Bracelet
Watch-Zoom-Zeed Watch (SwagBag Item)
Hair:Drot-TwigHair (SwagBag Item)
Modulus-Cheek Scratches & Nose Cuts (SwagBag Item)

*CS*-Adventure01 (SwagBag Item)
Nomad-Broken Cable Car (SwagBag Item)

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