LOTD 372

bedroom post2 bedroom post

Pants:Kalback-Original Jeans
Bracelet:Bad Unicorn-Smart-phone
Tattoo:Speakeasy– Tarnish
Hair:Unorthodox-Marc Hair
Beard:Yuth-Cyrus Beard

Sayo-Heist Bed @Verse
Sayo- Nightshade-Garden Rug
Sorgo: Badges and Coins @The Arcade
Sorgo:Book and Papers @The Arcade
Sorgo-Leather Wallet @The Arcade
Sorgo-Lucky Keys @The Arcade
Sorgo-Pain Killers @The Arcade
Sorgo-Watch @The Arcade
Sorgo-X&X Candy Rare @The Arcade
Sorgo-Geek Sketchbook @The Arcade
Jian-Lively Labs-Not so Srs Bans Pup @The Arcade
Lost Junction:Chipsters-Sour Cream @The Arcade
David Heather:Travel Case @The Arcade
Second Spaces-Laundry Day @The Arcade
MadPea Hoodlum Hideout Cigars
Aria&The Loft-Phelan Nightstand
Fancy Decor-Footed Lamp Gold
Fancy Decor:Wood Clock
Fancy Decor-Marbie Pyramid & Books
Tres Blah-Salad Days Record Player
Headphones:Hxnor-Black Royalty Headphones @Verse
Frayed Knot-Trumpet Bronze
Frayed Knot-Guitar
Frayed Knot-Pentagram curve


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