Vest/Hoodie-Represent-Destroyer Denim Vest&Hoodie @ ULTRA
Pants:Represent-Destroyer Jeans Fatpack @ Kustom 9
Shoes:Members Only-Roadsta White/Beige
Chains:Benjaminz-3Piece Chain Gold @TMD
Hat:Blupr/nt-USA Ball Caps Black
Bracelet:Aitui-Rocker Bracelet
Watch:Benjaminz-Juice watch
Ring:Bum– Really Big Ring
Goggles:Hxnor-Black Reflect Ski Goggle
ElbowPads-Represent-Black Elbow Pads Joyride Gacha @Epiphany
Backpack:Hxnor-Gold Utility Backpack Rare Summber16 Gacha @Epiphany
Water Bottle: Represent-Water Bottle Joyride Gacha @Epiphany
Hair:Unorthodox-Jonzwah @Hair Fair

Hxnor-Bicycle Gold Rare Summer 16@Epiphany
Skateboard:Cruise Longboard Joyride Gacha @Epiphany
Boombox:Paint Splatter Card Board Summer16 @Epiphany


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