LOTD 355


Hat:Epia-Flash Beer Drinking Hat
Pants;Rebel Gal-Soft Sweat Pants Camo
Slide Sandals:HXNOR-Black Signature Sandals w/Socks@TMD
Tattoo:Reckless– Vacillate

Bad Unicorn:Red Lay-zee Gamer Seat@TMD
Bad Unicorn-Grey Lay0zee Gamer Speaker@TMD
Bad Unicorn:Gamer Dual Setup@TMD
Bad Unicorn– Hopper Gacha 23 hall of Fame
Bad Unicorn:Hopper Gacha 32 hall of Fame
Bad Unicorn: Mates Gacha Foosball Table
22769 Bauwerk-Eagle Glass End Table
Soy:Shisha Liquid Night
BackBone-Revolution Sign@TMD
Pilot-Basketball Goal and Basketball
Leijin-Skinny Indoor Cactus
Lost Junction- Tatsty Eats Gacha Big Mouth Burger
Lost Junction- Tasty Eats Gacha Fries
Lost Junction-Tasty Eats Soda Drink and Tray
Mutresse-Lazy Witty Cats @Arcade


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