LOTD 353


Sweater:Hiemal -Bran Sweater Fatpack
Pants:Pumpkin-Wine Chinos @MOM
Shoes:Vale Koer-Concrete Shaman
Chain:Bad Unicorn– Gold Mercy
Pose:RK Poses-Kit

Bueno-Ny Collection-Sofa Yellow
Guitar:Bad Unicorn:Smelly Cat Guitar
TV:Bad Unicorn: Retro Tv Stand
Beer Mat:Madpea:Bow Bells Boozer
Emergency Remote: Madepea
Popcorn:Madpea- Bingewatchers Popcorn
Clock:Madpea- Wall Clock
Cigars:Madpea Hoodums Hideout Cigars
Shelf:BackBone-Firefighter Shelf
Helmet:BackBone-Firefighter’s Helmet
Fan:Junk- Fan Light Iron
Cabinet:Junk- Metal Cabinet
Radiator: Junk- Old Radiator
Junk:Suitcase Player
High:BaseBall Bat Flag
High:Pool Case
High:Pool Shark Case
Kalopsia-Pack of Beer
Kalopsia-Carved Bear
NotsoBad- Pizza
NotsoBad- Vintage Basketball
NotsoBad-Vintage Boxing
NotsoBad-Vintage Football
Thor:Unusual Morning Set Ashtray @Sanarae Event
Thor:NY Magazine
Thor:NY Observer Newspaper
Commoner:CA Dream
David Heather:Punching Bag


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