LOTD 349


Sweater:Deadwool-Henley Shirt @Ultra Event
Pants: Deadwool-Corduroy Pants Black
Hair:Yuth– Jesse Black
Beard:Yuth– Brock @Black WallStreet
Glasses:Sorgo-Prince Noir @XV

Haikei-End of the day Gacha Full Set (Chair,Desk,Picture,Plant on desk,skybox)
Oyasumi-Study Lamp
Oyasumi-Tin Can W/Pens:
Sorgo:PaperStack Rare
Sorgo-Trash Can
Sorgo-Paper Balls
Sorgo-Notebook Stack
Krunst-Tradition Bourbon @TMD
Krunst- Bourbon Glass @TMD
Soy:BKLYNITES LOFT- DIY Shelf @6republic
Soy:BLKLYNITES LOFT-Old books Type A and Type B @6Republic
FD- Sitting Cat
Apple Fall- Fairfax Sideboard
Apple Fall-Elderflower Cordial
Apple Fall-Plaster Horse

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