Like Father, Like Son

familyShirt:Xin- Rebel Button Down Shirt @TMD
Shorts:Deadwool– Joad Pants Beige
Socks:Vale Koer– Thermal Socks
Strapback:Alright- NY Strapback
Watch::Flite- Dark Wood Watch Common 14
Bracelet:Flite- Cofax Bracelet
Skateboard:Bad Unicorn-Skateboard with AO @Epiphany

Featured Furniture Items
Skybox Rare by Bad Unicorn @Epiphany
Socks by Bad Unicorn @Epiphany
Shelves by Bad Unicorn @Epiphany
Hat Shelve by Bad Unicorn @Epiphany
Skateboard Wall by Bad Unicorn @Epiphany
Neon Sign By Unicorn @Epiphany @Epiphany
Pool Table By Apple Fall @TMD


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