LOTD 244

[Jacket] Coco- Homme Denim Jacket Vintage @TMD
[Pants] Pumpkin– Tapered Black Trousers
[Shoes] Eudora 3D- El Dorado Hi- Tops @TMD
[Ears]Mandala– Steking Ears Version 3
[Hair]Homage– Mr Ms Noir
[Shirt] Xiaj- Hades & Zeus @C88
[Pants] Pumpkin– Tight Grey Pants
[Shoes] Lau– Marin Sinclair (New)
[Shades] David Heather– Pawn Sunglasses

Outfit 3
[Shirt] Cheerno– Gize Social Shirt
[Pants]Pumpkin– Tapered Red Trousers
[Shoes] Flite- Malibu Lows Black@ The Season Story
[Shades] Sorgo– Euh Shades/White Group Gift
[Bracelet] Mandala– Luck Bracelet
[Bracelet] Cheerno– Gize Social Bracelet


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