No Trust



[Shirt] Blvck Anchor– NT-Sleeveless

[Pants] Blvck Anchor– Blue Jeans

[Shoes] Lau– OG Vision High’s Red

[Teeth] Illmatic– Normals

[Necklace] Benjaminz– Cuban Link Chain

[Shades] Blvck Anchor– Ray Bans Black

[Watch] Ryca– Black Ice

[Bracelet] Sorgo– Skull Bracelet White/ Diamond

[Hair] Boon– Fig214

[Facial Hair] Fruk– Pilot

Outfit 2

[Sweater] Blvck Anchor– Leather Line

[Pants] Blvck Anchor– NoTrust Jeans Blue

[Shoes] Frontline– RoundHouse

[Snapback] Blvck Anchor– BA Brown

[Watch] Illmatic– Medusa Kors Gold V3

[Necklace] Mandala– Sagarmatha Gold

[Facial Hair] Beusame– Facial Hair V5

[ Facial Tattoo] Sorgo– Group Gift

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