Start Over



[Jacket] Xiaj- Panda Hoodie(Duck) @ The Chapter Four

[Pants] Bay Harbor– Chino Black

[Shoes] Grandeur– Supra Wrap Up Black V.2

[Beanie] BU– Black Brooklyn

[Shades] Sorgo– SlugMaster Shades Black Tinted

[Necklace] Vexiin– KingTut

[Bracelet] Ryca– Bracelet T-GA

[Watch] Illmatic– Essential Kors Watch Platinum

Outfit 2

[Jacket] Drop- Nylon Parka(BGxGR) @ TMD

[Pants] Flow– Pants Reserve

[Shoes] Lau– Rushes Black&Grey

[Beanie] BU– Light Grey Brooklyn Beanie

[Earrings] Illmatic– Metallic Ear Plug Gold w/Crisp

[Teeth] Illmatic– The Perfect Teeth Normals

[Scar] Unorthodox– Eye Scars

[Skin] Labyrinth– Diego Tan

[Pose] Unorthodox Animation– Julius 3


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