Turn The Page


Outfit 1
[Jacket] Lau– Varisty Jacket Logos

[Pants] Credo– Biker Jeans

[Shoes] Benjaminz– Crazy8’s- Limited Edition Brooklyn

[Necklace]Vexiin– Jesus Piece Short

[Earrings] Illmatic– Metallic Ear Plug Platinum/Blk

[Hair] Unorthodox– Big Hair

[Pose] Unorthodox Animation- Julius 2 and Julius 4


Outfit 2

[Jacket] Lau– Wings Varisty Hoodie

[Pants] Blvck Anchor– Deano Jeans V3

[Shoes] Frontline– Nike 180 Mid Hyper Red

[Earring] Illmatic– Metallic Ear Tunnel Gold

[Bracelet] Vexiin– Cuban Link Bracelet

[Necklace] Vexiin– Cuban Link

[Watch] Flite– Time Master Black

[Hair] Unorthodox– Taper Fair

[Scar] Unorthodox– Scrap Den Scar

[Eyebrows] Unorthodox– Cool Dude Eyebrows

[Pose] Unorthodox Animation– Julius 3 and Julius 4



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