The Good Life


[Hair] Action– James Veganic


[Hair Base] Unorthodox– Kendrick Lamar


[Eyebrows] Unorthodox- Thick Eyebrows Raised Cuts


[Facial Hair] Fe Style- Facial Hair 6ED @ She&Him Event


[Shirt] Cashmere&Keane– Relic Blouse


[Pants] Blvck Anchor- Eclipse @Fi*Friday


[Boots] Judas– The Revolution Chanel Militant Boots


[Earring] Belvoir– Magnetic Tusk Earring


[Nose Ring] C.A- Unisex Rebel Septum @ Fi*Friday


[Necklace] Ryca– DG Gold/Diamond


[Watch] Mandala– Formal Hokusai


[Bracelet] Sorgo– Skull Bracelet


[Ring] Ryca– Cob Gold


[Ring] Vexiin– Leviathan Wedding band Gold


[Bag] Lucien Marcelo– Wallie Croc Embossed Duffle Bag



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