Hell of a Life


[Hat ] Lau– Pyrex Beanie

[Hat] Lau- Evol Beanie

[Shirt] El homme– Pyrex Vision

[Pants] Blk 2.0– Hustla Pants

[Shorts] Blk 2.0- Hustla Shorts

[Shoes]  Blkout-J1 Blk/Red/White

[Shoes] Grandeur– RBK Suede Ex-Hi Top Black&Gold

[Bracelet] Vexiin– Lavish Plat

[Watch] Frontline– Vestal Grey&Black

[Bag] Azoury- Duffle Bag Polochon @ L’ Accessories 

[Mask] ..S..: -GasMask

[Hair] Unorthodox– Nipsey Braids Red

[Eyebrow] Unorthodox- Thick Eyebrow Raised

[Skin] Labyrinth- Rider Skin Med- TheSpanish

[Tattoo] XiaJ– The Eye Tattoo and Skull Sleeve @ Fi*Friday

[Pose] Unorthodox Animation



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