[Hat] TrapHouse Collection– Illest

[Shirt] Xiaj- Sweater @ The 24 Event runs Aug.23-31

[Pants] Pumpkin– Classic Jeans

[Short on Waist] SEY– Maki2 n Shirt

[Boots] Xiaj– Checkered High tops

[Necklace] SYL- Egyptian Revival Weave

[Bracelet] Vexiin– Fusion Bangle

[Pen] Xodohtronu– Pen Accessory

[Skin] Birth– Fang Skin Straw

[Pose] Finally Rich– Venchy

[Hair] Unorthodox– S.Curl Honey

[Facial Hair]- Unorthodox- Guapo Full Goatee 5

[Tattoo] Hiatus- Battlefield@Soho

[Shirt] Xiaj- Sleeveless Tee @ The 24 Event

[Pants] Blvck Anchor- En Noir Bmx Sweat

[Shoes] Z3- 13s He Got Game Limited Edition

[Necklace] Uncut– Tutankhamun Necklace

[Bracelet] Vexiin– Verse Bracelet Platnium

[Shade] Xiaj- Sunglasses @ The 24 Event

[Backpack] Xiaj- Mickey Mouse Rare

[Pose] Unorthodox Animations- Purple Haze 4 @ Thrift Shop


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