That’s Why I’m In It


On left:

[Hat] Sabotage- 5Panel Leather @The boys of Summer

[Shirt] Blvck Anchor– Fashion@ Soho

[Pants] Balkanik2.0– Baggy STD(intensedarkblue) @Soho

[Belt] Balkanik2.0– Belt

[Shoes ] Bim Locker– Nike Haurache

[Bracelet] Vexiin– Lavish Bracelet

[Ring] Cestar– White Watch

On Right:

[Hair] Unorthodox– Mini Fro

[Eyebrows] Gold– Arched Brows

[Watch] Benjaminz- Hublot Black/Rose

[Scarf] JUDAS– Hermes Chain Belt Scarf

[Shirt] Blvck Anchor- Leather T @Soho

[Shorts] Sabotage– Baggy Harem Pants

[Boots] JUDAS– Chanel Militant

[Glasses] SORGO– OldTimersNudes Sunglasses


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