Touch Me!!

[Hat] The Mens Dept–  Deco- Mesh Ratty Ballcap(Olive)

[Eyebrow] Unorthodox– thick Eyebrows double cuts

[Facial Hair] Unorthodox– Half goatee 2 and added on goatee 2

[Earring] Vexiin– Diamond Stud Yellow

[Necklace] Ameliarae Beauparant– Theology Necklace

[Pants] The Mens Dept– Villena- Tucked up Jeans Khaki-

[Shirt] HVK– Frank Shirt White at Menswear Fashion Week 2013

[Vest] HVK– Schwartz Leather Vest at Menswear Fashion Week 2013

[Watch] Mandala– Hokusai Bracelet/ Gold Metal

[Ring] Vexiin– 1990 Ring

[Lip Piercing] Unorthodox– Lip Piercing Right and Left gold

[Shoes] MODA– Men’s Work Boot



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